3 Jan


IMG_0051Today we had a choice of classes; Prasant at 7am or Gulnaz (timetabled as Abhi) at 6pm. We opted for the later class. We arrived at the institute at 9.30am for the personal practice session but found there wasn’t room anywhere. We bought a chair, pranayama pillow and blanket from the shop and headed back to the flat to practice instead.
We returned for Gulnaz in the evening to find it busy but manageable. She taught standing poses followed by seated forward bends, all with no props.
To me it seems the overwhelming message we are receiving in the classes is to MOVE not all this slow careful thinking with the brain, but dynamic movement with the body, just GO don’t keep putting the brakes on. So fingertips to floor in trikonasana and whole palm on the floor in parsvakonasna. Gulnaz’s class contained a lot of work in urdhva namaskarasana and we did this in Vira 1 and 3 – the classical pose but not often taught.IMG_0052

We left class feeling strong and motivated and headed for the fruit market. There was a fabulous array of fruit, looking forward to breakfast – pomegranate, strawberries, fresh figs, chinese gooseberries, guava, banana and porridge 🙂
I feel that I am adjusting to city life, the noise, the fumes, the traffic. Also feeling very priveliged to have a bright spacious apartment and grateful not to be stuck in a hotel.Its great to be able to clean and prepare salads and fruit and not just be stuck with what is safe to eat in restaurant. We have hired a cook for the month who comes in daily to prepare simple food, enough for lunch and dinner. The cost for the month is £15 and we supply the food. Bliss!



One Response to “DAY 3 GULNAZ”

  1. Diana Penny January 3, 2013 at 9:23 pm #

    Hi Tamara: GREAT blog so far! I’ve just uploaded the link to the front page of the Yogawest website and we’ll let students know about it. Look forward to your next post, love Diana x

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