Day 7 – Prasant

7 Jan

2013-01-07 19.23.42
Another 6am start, must get to bed earlier!

Sequence – Uttanasana, Baddangullyasana,Sirsasana Trikonasana x 6, Rope Adho Mukha Svanasana, Marichyasana 3, Swastikasana bend forwards, Savasana in Supta Swastikasana.
The main themes I picked up from his discourse were:
Pragmatism not dogmatism – using discretion when to apply force, determination and when not. We say “I’ll do as much as I can” we believe this is what makes us sincere students of yoga, why? When we eat do we always eat as much as we can, when we shop, do we shop as much as we can? Why do we have to perform posture as much as we can? Stay until we die there? Determination is manifestation of ego. Although there is certainly a time for determination – quietly and with discretion for example to overcome lethargy.
Illustrated in Trikonasana, if you let go the legs a little how you can more easily access the sacrum, rotation there.
We worked on closing off the determination / ego and working with mind, body, breath awareness.
We worked on using the breath in many different ways. Making the breath the giver and the asana the receiver. Making the asana the giver and the breath the receiver.
I came out of a class in a very peaceful (and yes yogic!) state and floated home for some more practice.


In the evening we observed a beginners class. Yikes! How we pamper our beginners! They used no props and gave short, sharp
instructions. No details just the minimum. Class included some really tough poses; sirsasana, vira 3 and bharadvajasana 2, nothing held too long and nothing taught in depth.
We finished off the evening with a lovely thali and a very busy walk to Ferguson College Road, it’s when you’ve to cross a sea of speeding, beeping traffic you just wish you could press a button and wait for a friendly green man. Dream on, but somehow if you can find the rhythm you make your way through it.

2013-01-07 19.54.53




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