Day 9 – Guruji and Abhijata

9 Jan


Started class thoroughly disgruntled after arriving 45 minutes early and still losing my space at the last second. Ended up sharing a mat that had seen better days right at the back window. The demand for absolute concentration began from the second the class began. Don’t sit down sit UP as if you are sitting on thorns you don’t want to sit down heavy, instead stretch UP. Is your skin of the shoulder blade in contact with the bone? If no then you are disconnected. The prana is the force you employ  to connect psycho and soma – mind and body. It was absolutely insisted we maintain this connection, even the invocation was interrupted “Is the skin of the shoulder blade touching?” Not casually MAXIMUM. This is my favourite expression that is peppered throughout the class whenever a half-hearted effort is detected (imagine shouted with full Indian accent to get the complete effect).

Jenny was positioned close to Guruji and Abhijata today and was able to observe at close quarters how the teaching is relayed. At times as Abhijata is teaching, Guruji is leading her through the pose too, so she can feel first hand the teaching points she is relaying.

An interesting development for me today, as of next week I will be attending the medical class as a student to learn how to work with my Type 1 Diabetes and Coeliac’s Disease. It all came about as a bit of a fortunate misunderstanding! I hadn’t even realised this was a possibility and was actually making an enquiry about assisting with the medical class as a teacher. Anyway a wonderful opportunity for me to learn how best to work and it will be my one-a-day chosen class for Mondays and Thursdays so I won’t have to miss Guruji / Abhi or Geetaji pranayama. I can’t say I’ll miss the 6am starts either.Early morning sweeping of the park!
Sweeping the Park in the early morning sun.



One Response to “Day 9 – Guruji and Abhijata”

  1. laura January 10, 2013 at 11:23 am #

    hi tamara and jenny
    I have never read a blog so assiduously! really enjoying it and it’s giving me confidence and enthusiasm for my visit next january – sounds even busier and more complicated than 6 years ago though. Love reading prashant’s teaching you recount – very vivid – can almost hear his voice.
    and that photo of the thali! – now i’m REALLY glad i have booked to go again

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