Day 10 – Gulnaz

10 Jan


10 hours sleep! After snuggling up in bed and skyping with my step-daughter Aggi (in first year at Portsmouth Uni) last night had a full 10 hours before Jenny felt compelled to come and check I wasn’t infact in a diabetic coma!

Right so today is the day for a really thorough practice, feeling a bit unyoga-ed. Began working through Guruji’s class from yesterday trying to really embed and understand the teaching points. Prasarita Paddottonasana keeping the back hip sockets DOWN, makes the legs very dense, very connected.

First the electrician turned up to give us more sockets in the front room, so decamped to the bedrooms and tried to shut out the noise of the drilling, only to find someone else was drilling outside so had it in stereo. Then the Cook turned up, followed by the Landlady, at the same time Jenny had an important business skype – it started to feel a bit like a Carry On Film! Carry on Yoga? Ah well Gulnaz this evening …..

View from the Balcony
The view from the Balcony
Jenny had an appointment to see an Ayurvedic Doctor opposite Fab India, so Nicky and I jumped in a rickshaw with her to go and check it out. Thursday is one of the days where there is a choice of classes and Nicky had opted for early morning Prashant. Today the imagery he used was that of a painting. The asana is just the frame. You don’t go to the store and just buy the frame. The breath, the internal energy is the picture.
Fab India is full of beautiful bedding, clothing, cushion covers etc. High quality, well made and more expensive than your normal small shop stuff.
Back home and straight out again for Gulnaz. She was evidently surprised at the size of her class – I guess we’re not the only ones looking for some variety to balance the early morning Prashant classes. I strongly suspect next week she’ll have a bigger class still, as she taught a blinding class and there were a lot of observers. A thorough forward extension class starting with the most intense Uttansana concave back sequence I’ve ever done – we had to look up enough to see her whole head AND she was up on the platform. By the end we’d held it so long I felt my dorsal was burnt into my back. Followed by forwards bends reaching beyond the feet (bramacharyasana), ubyaya padangusthasana, urdhva mukha paschimottonasana 1 and 2, krounchasana catching the wrist around the heel before extnding the leg up. So no more complaints, am definitely feeling yoga-ed now.



3 Responses to “Day 10 – Gulnaz”

  1. Fiona Stafford January 10, 2013 at 7:32 pm #

    Hi Tamara! Still enjoying your blog, finding it very interesting and varied … the yoga classes, the food, shopping, rickshaws, photos, etc. all so different from life here in Wiltshire. Amazing to think you’re only about a third of your way through your month there!

    • tamarahockey January 11, 2013 at 11:40 am #

      I know- on one hand I want it to last for ever, on the other I practically weep every time I see or hear children, anyones, any age, anywhere!

  2. Steve January 11, 2013 at 1:00 pm #

    Hi Tam! Louis told me about your blog – great stuff. Sounds like you’re having an amazing time – Gulnaz sounds considerably better than Dursley in January…


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