Day 16 Guruji and Abhijata

16 Jan
Offerings of coconuts and flowers for The Ganesha Temple

Offerings of coconuts and flowers for The Ganesha Temple

Had a productive organising kind of a day here. Managed to get up in time to do a little Pranayama before class this morning and have realised this may be the key to preserving my energy once I am back to my teaching schedule / busy family life. I feel unbelievably jammy to have had this opportunity to step right outside of normal life and follow my passion in this way (Big thanks to my partner Louis, currently bearing the double load x)

Another cracking class from Guruji and Abhi this morning. We managed to get a good spot close to them so we could hear Guruji’s dialogue with Abhi. It’s a fascinating interaction to watch – the fondness they have for each other is so apparent. Guruji is going through his daily practice while teaching through Abi and yet it really does seem that he is aware of every single student in the room. It is quite extraordinary to be in a room packed full of people all working at the very limits of their ability – absolute commitment is required from every single person, for every single second. Aside from his exceptional knowledge, it is his persistence and insistence that sets him apart and he expects nothing less from you too. If a point isn’t understood, he doesn’t shy away from it, he keeps on going until he is satisfied that you have GOT IT. And then he will come at it another way so that you have DOUBLE GOT IT and woe betide you if you let it slip with the next instruction, they build up one on top of the other and you have to try and keep them all going at the same time. Maybe I am imagining it, but I genuinely feel that I have a connection with him and the teaching is for me personally – I believe this is the sign of a good teacher, when every student feels that he is teaching directly to them.

Today’s class mainly focussed on forward bends and parivrtta forward bends – infact exactly the work I was doing in the medical class with Stephanie (told you it was for me personally!). We worked on bringing the intelligence into the ‘dark’ areas of the feet and knees. We learnt how to open fully and maintain the one-pointed concentration there. We did another sweat inducing sirsasana and came down with such relief, only to be sent immediately back up because we let the attention slip from the ‘bund’ of the foot on the way to the floor!

After class Nicky came for lunch and we took class notes. We have booked an Ayurvedic Retreat for the weekend, leaving after Guruji and Abhi’s class coming back on Sunday evening 🙂 I have also broken my own rule that has held strong for 17 years – not taking buses in India! I have booked an overnight sleeper bus to Goa on the following Thursday evening so that I will have 3 full days in Goa before flying back up for the last few days of classes. Bus takes 13 hours, flight is 1 hour, but because that is the holiday weekend it is really booked up and only the expensive seats are left. I am intending to make the absolute most of my time here!

Different scenes from local area

Different scenes from local area



One Response to “Day 16 Guruji and Abhijata”

  1. Judi Sweeting and Tig Whattler January 16, 2013 at 4:30 pm #

    Hi Tamara and Jenny Jones,
    Have just sat down with a cuppa and read the lot! Just so atmospheric, it’s like being there! Carry on enjoying the experience. Judi x

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