Day 17 – Medical Class

17 Jan

Managed to stay awake far too late last night and then just as I was about to turn light off, Lynda popped up on Skype from New Zealand which is 7.5 hours ahead so she was in morning mode!
Woke up early for personal Pranayama practice then had a couple more hours sleep. Did practice at home then headed in for Medical class, again working with Stephanie. Today I started more restfully, supta baddha konasana over 2 horizontal pranayama pillow and rope adho mukha svanasana before starting the intense forward bend sequence working from the bottom back rib -lifting in and up to push the front rib forwards.
I worked hard and then had the same scenario as last class – the pump had to come off and I needed glucose. Once this happened I was moved onto more restful poses. First supta virasana then inversions: Sirsasana and Sarvangasana with feet hooked over trestler – suggested by Abijata so ‘there would be no load on the organs’.
It’s very difficult to understand exactly what is happening – vigorous aerobic activity would cause the sugar levels to drop, but I am sat on the floor doing supported forward extensions. The sugar drop I experienced last week was roughly equivalent to what I would expect from a 8km run, particularly in the way it was sustained over a period of time, so the levels were affected overnight and well into the next day. If I was doing a ‘normal’ yoga practice I would not expect to see any effect on the sugar unless working aerobically (strenuous standing poses for example) and even then it would be very short-lived. Either the pancreas is being stimulated to produce insulin or the body is becoming much more sensitive to the insulin I am taking. Spent the evening researching online to see if I could find any anecdotal evidence of similar experiences or diabetes reversal.
Jenny came skipping back from Gulnaz’s class, another good one and a new pose she’d never been taught (and neither have I) – parsva salabhasana!
Pic below is of our jolly laundry man- the clothes come back so beautifully washed, ironed and presented, it seems a shame to actually wear them! There is a lot to be learned from him – he works from his road side shack which is a haven of good vibes, cheery music playing in the background, he unashamedly charges 50 rupees per piece (That’s what 60p? even for smalls) which is loads and he does his job brilliantly. Simple. IMG_0139



2 Responses to “Day 17 – Medical Class”

  1. sciencebuz January 19, 2013 at 9:02 pm #

    Hi Tamara,

    What is parsva salabhasana? Can’t find any pictures online Hope you are enjoying your weekend Ayurvedic retreat – its below freezing in Bristol 🙂

    • tamarahockey January 20, 2013 at 6:36 pm #

      Yes parsva salabhasana a new one on us too! Check out salabhasana and keep the pose kind of rigid so that you can roll over to the side!

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