Day 18 – Rajalaxmi Pranayama

18 Jan
Cobbler in Cobbler Pose - Baddha Konasana

Cobbler in Cobbler Pose – Baddha Konasana

The day began well – singing in the shower so happy to be here! After 15 years of childcare it’s so nice to get the chance to rediscover who I am when the cloak of responsibilities is shed (albeit temporarily).
Headed into the Institute for practice session to find it was every bit as busy, but I figured I have every day of my normal life for solitary practice and the atmosphere was cooperative rather than competitive. Was able to use the platform to practice the killer abdominal thing and am beginning to make friends with it.
Completed my inversions at home and then headed to Mariot to meet my friend Lorna who is staying there, we had a swim and then sorted out her travel arrangements for Goa.
A speedy rickshaw ride later and we arrived just in the nick of time for Pranayama. The old timers had Geeta in the main hall and the first timers were upstairs with Rajalaxmi. First I’ll reproduce Jenny’s words on Geeta:
“Just had a Pranayama class with Geetaji – she was nicer to us this week, but I still have a sense that we have disappointed them. She says that we give Guruji a headache since every time he teaches us something ‘new’ we forget everything that has gone before. This particularly aimed at senior teachers who have been coming a long time. She said something like ‘It is his destiny’ and gave a small sigh. Maybe he’s thinking he needs to come back and teach us all again in his next life”.
Meanwhile upstairs Rajalaxmi taught us a really thorough and warm Pranayama class. Her explanations are vivid and easy to understand. We began for the invocation with the correct positioning of the hands joined infront of The Atman – not higher up the breastbone as so many of us mistakenly do. There should be no muscular effort but the palms together like two friends reassuring each other of their presence.
After supine pranayama we sat for some very basic digital work with Kumbhka on the inhalation (only inhale from the back armpit to the front for Kumbhaka). As we ended with savasana we were told “Nothing belongs to you, not even your exhalation, just let it go and surrender yourself to the Mother Earth. Do not impose inhalation on the body, just let it take care of itself spontaneously. Surrender yourself to its rhythm”. Bliss.
On my way up to Pranayama Stephanie pulled me over to ask if I would speak along with Doctor Manoj at the Annual Day Celebrations tomorrow about my experience with Type 1 Diabetes and Yoga. EEEEEK. Oh and double eek because we have booked to go to Ayurvedic Retreat tomorrow. I had been feeling uncomfortable about missing the Annual Day but comforted myself with the knowledge that the Institute is completely oversubscribed at the moment and that not only would our presence not be missed, we would be doing them a favour by leaving more space for others.
Small dilemma before I realised my priority is here and my absence would certainly be noticed if Manoj is talking about me and I’m not there. So the others are heading off in a taxi after class tomorrow for Massage, Ayurvedic Consultation etc. and I will attempt to organise my own transport tomorrow evening after celebration is finished for the day.

Got to be the busiest Coconut Stall in Pune!

Got to be the busiest Coconut Stall in Pune!



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  1. Fiona Stafford January 20, 2013 at 11:58 am #

    I love the cobbler in cobbler pose! Never seen that before, only heard about it!

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