Day 22 – Medical Class

22 Jan

1980-01-08 07.00.13
Slept late and missed the opportunity to observe the Senior Citizen’s class. Yesterday’s trip was really worthwhile but it meant I missed an excellent backbend class last night and slept through a class I wanted to observe this morning. I think you do have to keep any other interests to a minimum if you are going to maintain the focus required to get the most out of your trip to The Insitute.
Here are Jenny’s notes / observations on yesterday’s Prashant class:

A now familiar theme of the relationship between body-mind-breath-senses-consciousness in the performance of asanas. Phrase of the day was ‘composite dynamics’. Instructions were to exhale further and further in each asana and finally to perform Udiyana Bandha – a sucking in of the abdomen after exhalation – and see what happens! Not to be undertaken lightly and definitely not during menstruation. He talked on esoteric philosophy; the tongue is the root of all wisdom with all sense organs represented – sight buds, hearing buds, sensation buds, smell buds as well as taste buds. Needless to say in modern culture the tongue can only be described as ‘stupid’. We should beware of the senses pulling us away from ‘yog’, also the draw of physical action. No limb of yoga is dedicated to the body. You can’t perfect the body first and then work on the mind…
(Jenny thinks that the senses are a bit like a dog on a lead, pulling the owner after it as it chases smells, rabbits, postmen, cats, other dogs….)
On the positive side – how to get a hold on all this? Set up the right ethos for your practice: clean and tidy your room, burn incense, create calm, quiet conditions, have an image to focus on (most of us use Patanjali) and exclude bright light.
Try this in your practice when calm and steady in tadasana: eyes open, find the centre of the eyeballs, now look from the edges of the eyes. How did each one make you feel? (You can let me know in your comments!)
Final quote from Prasant: “I may not be civilized, but I am cultured.” At least I think that’s what he said!

1980-01-09 06.00.18
I headed in for medical at 4pm. Today’s the day I decided to really test what is happening re insulin and pancreas practice so I took only one unit of insulin with breakfast. Normal range for blood sugar is 4 – 7 mmol. I tested upon arrival at class and mine was 15.9 mmol. I took no corrective dose. After a sequence of pancreas poses (Started resting SBK horizontal, rope AMS, Janu , Parsva Janu, Parivrtta Janu, Parsva Upavista, Parvrrta Upavista, Pillar Jathara Parivartanasana, Pasasana, Sirsasana & Urdhva Dandasana, Sarvangasana, Pindasana, Parsva Pindasana) it was 5.9!. Something really quite amazing is happening. Stephanie says I should write to Guruji and request an extended stay next year to work intensively on it. Any volunteers to put this to my partner and children?
After class I booked some lovely accommodation for my Goa trip this weekend on beach front at Patnam Beach. I think Lorna is now going to fly down on Thursday afternoon, while I’ll follow on down after medical class on Thursday night in the overnight bus. I have a flight booked back on Monday morning in time for Raya’s class in the evening. Then I’m into my final week – flight home on Friday.
We went to the OM Supermarket for supplies – we’d heard you can get soya milk there, but it was one of those ones where you have to stay behind the counter while you ask for what you want – no browsing and often problems being understood – so we hopped into a rickshaw for good old Dorabjees. Speeding and weaving and dodging through the traffic it occurred to me how well I’ve adjusted to life in an Indian city. I could live here – just to be close to such excellent teaching. I really feel a weight has been lifted off my shoulders when I am led in this way rather than always being the teacher it’s great to be taught!
Bed now so I can be bright eyed and bushy tailed for Guruji in the morning – hope it’s backbends! Yesterday’s blog had a bit of a malfunction some of the text was missing – it’s all there now.
sleeping dogs



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