Day 29 – Medical Class

29 Jan

2013-01-29 11.19.08Got up and headed over to observe the Senior Citizens. As I arrived Guruji was sat on the bench just beside the door to the Institute. I went over and greeted him, feeling much more relaxed around him than when we first arrived. There were 35 in the class today – a testament to the excellent teaching they receive from Sushma.
Both the practice session and the observations have become SO much quieter, a lot have gone home already – missing Pranayama week, the crazy fools!
Had to completely amend my medical programme today to accommodate menstruation / the dreaded Delhi belly. Stephanie also gave me some grapefruit seed extract which is excellent for intestinal parasite / infections. This can’t be bought locally so it’s a good idea to bring it with you. My programme consisted of lots of supine work, with plenty of support so as to climb up on to it and make lots of space between the lower ribs and a real separation between abdomen and chest. (Supta baddha Konasana, Supta Virasana, then repeat both t-shaped 4 bolster support, like setu bandha chest, finished with x bolsters) It took a while, but eventually I could feel the tension releasing and the breath becoming spontaneous, deep and healing. Guess I’m tensing up with the travelling fast approaching on Friday.1980-01-09 04.13.39
In the evening I headed over to Dorabjees, Jenny decided to skip it because she’s recovering from a cold and the fumes are always terrible. I was slightly nervous because it gets dark early (it’s also Winter here, even though daytime temperature is 30 degrees). Got quite an aggressive and not very careful rickshaw driver. Usually even though I spend quite a bit of the drive with my eyes squeezed tightly shut I kind of know it’s fine and they know what they’re doing. Not so with this one – he kept making bad judgement calls and screeching to a halt until eventually he actually did smack into the side of another rickshaw, unleashing a torrent of abuse in Maharati and driving off. Felt the tension I’d shed creeping back in and was very glad to get out of there in one piece.
Rounded off the day reading a bedtime story to Josie (and inadvertently Jenny!) over Skype. Only four days till we are reunited. Final Guruji class in the morning.
2013-01-29 11.19.18

Today’s Senior Class sequence: senior-4th-observation_b


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