Day 31 – Medical Class

31 Jan
Chilling at The Mariot.

Chilling at The Mariot.

Well a mini blog to say goodbye! Am exhausted and up in the morning to catch the first of many flights home. My mammoth trip is Pune to Goa, then Goa to Bangalore, Bangalore to Paris, Paris to Bristol.
Do yourself a favour, if you are coming to Pune from UK just get yourself a short direct flight from Heathrow to Mumbai! From Mumbai you can get a taxi (takes 4 hours and costs about £10) or you can fly (about £50). Jenny has started a Facebook group, full of info. and a good way of hooking up with people to share taxis and apartments or air any concerns with people who are experienced Pune regulars. The group is named Visiting Iyengar Institute (RIMYI) Pune? and anyone can join. Or you click here:

Medical today was divine and feeling much better. I do have the option of getting up for early Rajalaxmi class tomorrow which is 7-8.30 am, but suspect by the time I get to bed it’ll be too late for such an early start.
After practice went to the Mariott with Nicky for swim in their ice cold pool (do they refrigerate the water??). It was interesting to swap experiences with Nicky who had a much more Prashant orientated month and loved it. She really got a huge amount from it and was going off to book for 2015. Evening spent organising and packing, can allow myself to think about seeing the kids now.

Cow on waste ground, with our apartment behind.

Cow on waste ground, with our apartment behind.



One Response to “Day 31 – Medical Class”

  1. Jenny Jones January 31, 2013 at 6:49 pm #

    Our apartment is the top one… (was) – flying with the eagles.

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